Company profile

Malacrino Ltd is a British based and owned  company which specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of its own mantels through the United Kingdom.

The company was first established in 1989 from which it has grown to its present form and size.

The finishing of all products at Malacrino Ltd takes place    in-house at the modern 18,000 square foot factory whether  it be a traditional hand waxed, polished or modern finish  every care is taken to produce a consistent an durable finish which is  sure to impress all future generations.

The central positioning of Malacrino Ltd in  Manchester allows the company to dispatch all its products in their own specially designed vans to allocated distributors, all of which will only be too glad to assist you in choosing the right Malacrino product to suit you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  Tel :  0161 231 6979       Fax : 0161 231 3838